Certified Fire Stopping and Compartmentation

Our Certified Fire Stopping and Compartmentation services

All Denton Hope fire stopping installations are certified under the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme, thus ensuring the appointed Responsible person of the site is undertaking the necessary steps to achieve their duty of care under the RRFSO (Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order). The scheme in which we work to is designed to ensure that fire stopping solutions are being fitted correctly by competent persons, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Where services such as water, gas, electrics etc. penetrate through a building, it is vitally important to ensure that the aperture is appropriately sealed with a suitable fire stopping solution. Working alongside the Responsible Person and with the help of Fire Risk Assessments aiding us with the correct fire resistance for each compartmentation line, we at Denton Hope will find a solution to any problem that may arise be it penetration seals, linear joint seals, air transfer grilles or cavity barriers.

Our fire stopping Approach

1. Consultation with Responsible Person to identify the aperatures that they need fire stopped (with help of a Fire Risk Assessment)
2. Carry out inspections and find a solution to the problem
3. Install a suitable solution agreed by the Responsible Person
4. Q Mark competent person sign off
5. Q Mark certification and photographs uploaded to your client portal
Fire Stopping Solutions

Fire Stopping Solutions

The fire stopping solutions we recommend, including cables, pipes, trunking, ductwork, and the open spaces they pass through, prevent fire from spreading any further than it has to. By fixing and sealing the weak links through which fire spreads, we keep buildings and the people who work in them safe. Our highly skilled installation team has all the knowledge and experience you need to achieve essential passive fire stopping solutions that work perfectly 100% of the time. Our fully certified services meet every regulatory obligation, and we’ll work quickly and well to deliver the kind of quality solutions you deserve.
Fire Compartmentation

Fire Compartmentation

One of the best ways to mitigate the risk and impact of fire is to put in place the right kind and level of fire compartmentation. This involves sub-dividing a building into smaller units that will better withstand and limit damage from a fire as well as preventing its spread. Using fire resisting construction means taking fire into account from the offset, but we can do a lot these days to retro-fit older buildings with fire compartmentation. When preventing the spread of smoke and fire is your priority, we will support you in getting you exactly where you want to be.
Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

As the Responsible Person for a business it’s your job to carry out and regularly review the fire risks associated with the building. Doing so informs you about what you should do to prevent fire and keep people safe. If the business employs 5 or more people, it’s essential to keep a written record of fire risk assessments. We have the time and expertise if you don’t. Our experts will carry out fire risk assessments on your behalf, acting as your professional risk assessor. It is vitally important to get it right, which is why our services are so popular with clients large and small.

All Denton Hope staff are trained to the highest standard

All Denton Hope fire door installation services are certified under the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme, thus ensuring the safety of your stakeholders and business by demonstrating all products and materials are compliant and properly installed to resist the passage and spread of fire. The BM Trada Q Mark scheme delivers a compliant certification process of 10 identifiable points and full test and data sheets for all materials used during installation. We also provide an operations and maintenance manual which ensures full adherence to Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations of England and Wales.
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