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We are a multi-skilled construction company, specialising in refurbishment, maintenance and building remediation services. We help transform and protect buildings from cradle to grave.
We deliver a vast range of construction services across residential, commercial, and public sectors. We specialise in major residential, retail and office refurbishment projects. Our work involves site remediation services like certified fire door and fire stopping installation and maintenance, soft strip demolition, and asbestos removal.


Respect is built upon pride; pride is built upon caring about others and how the decisions you make affect them. This approach is at the heart of our recruitment and training programmes. From an attention to detail in delivery of our services to how we treat our customers, suppliers and fellow colleagues, care is at the centre of every aspect of what we do. We are always prepared to help with any problem and deliver on every promise and realise respect must be earned.


We see confidence as an ongoing process of patience, persistence, and imagination, and is vital in developing long lasting relationships. We all make mistakes from time to time, but it’s how we handle mistakes that defines us. We encourage staff at all levels to be themselves, look at problems independently, and our approach to training support means this can be done responsibly, as more often than not problems are best solved as a team.


We pride ourselves on our communication skills and ability to work as a team. We continue to invest in the best technology and training to make our team great communicators. We have organised Denton Hope in such a way that we are accessible at all levels, at all hours, so that our customers and colleagues are always heard.


A consistent approach is one you can rely on. If values such as care, confidence and communication are the distinctive characteristics of the Denton Hope culture, then consistency is its bedrock. We treat all customers as equally important and furthermore treat our colleagues with that same level of respect.


We’ve become a resilient bunch over the years. Nothing is perfect and life is always subject to change, sometimes for the best, but sometimes not. Instead of fearing change, we look to embrace it. So, in an ever-changing world we feel we are always well equipped to react to changes in our client’s needs and wants.
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