Residential Construction

Faultless residential property design, repairs and construction

Denton Hope delivers projects on a wide range of residential buildings and interior styles, providing each client a tailored service from design and planning to project completion and ongoing maintenance. We successfully deliver on both high-end renovations and reactive repairs.
All projects will follow the Denton Hope quality process whatever the size, consistently guaranteeing our clients a quality, health and safety driven project at all times. At Denton Hope we realise the importance of guaranteeing that the project runs on time and within budget: from design to finish, your dedicated project manager will be on hand to make sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Partition walls

Whether it is made from bricks, studding, glass or another material, our skilled experts make a superb job of every kind of partition wall project.

Dry lining

A perfect dry lining job means the subsequent work – adding the wallpaper or paint – delivers perfect results. We provide top quality work from start to finish.


Whether it is for protection or decoration, our professional plasterers will always do an exceptional job. The results speak volumes about our dedication to quality.

Painting and decorating

Whatever your painting and decorating project, our people will create perfection for you with beautiful cutting in and stunning finishing.

Fire doors and fire stopping

Our professionals will ensure your fire doors and fire stopping equipment are expertly fitted, delivering the safety employees and others deserve.


Our carpenters know everything there is to know about cutting, shaping and installing building materials. The results are faultless.

Roofing and external works

A roof is a complex structure, designed to keep the elements out and act as a barrier against damp and rot. The roofs we build tick all the design and structural boxes.

Suspended ceilings

A suspended or secondary ceiling is a job for the professionals. We apply every structural and safety aspect as well as meeting every building regulation.

Electricians, engineers and plumbers

When you need talented, experienced people to carry out essentials like electrical work, engineering and plumbing, our employees fit the bill.

Complete specialist services

Whatever you need, we will pitch in with the level and quality of advice and support you need. Come to us for every kind of specialist construction services.
Residential Property Design

Residential Property Design

We believe in perfection. Our talented people approach every aspect of residential property design with the utmost care. It matters because the design stage underpins everything else. When the basis of a new building is right, everything else flows from there. From the bottom up we apply the skills and experience we have acquired over years of successful construction projects. When you want the very best residential property design, we’ll deliver. This is our promise, and it’s a promise we always keep. Once we’re on board you can relax in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands.
Residential Property Construction

Residential Property Construction

We have created a superb set of new home build designs for you. Now it’s time to build. You’ll enjoy the self-same quality attention, service and support at every stage. You can trust our residential property construction experts to follow instructions to the letter, understand drawings and plans, know exactly how construction materials work, have an essential appreciation of the engineering side of building process, and construct buildings with everybody’s safety in mind. No endless snagging lists, no returning to fix poor quality residential property construction work. Just superb quality, start to finish.
Residential Property Repairs

Residential Property Repairs

Residential property repairs form another string to our bow, something we are respected for. With our help the property will be returned to great condition, with every repair of every kind carried out with care, dedication and expertise. In our opinion every building is worth the Denton Hope treatment to make it warm, safe, comfortable, rugged and resilient. And good looks count too. All the work we do is beautifully finished thanks to our people’s dedication to perfection. When you want nothing but the very best quality residential property repairs, we’re here for you.
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