Certified Fire Door Installation

Fully compliant fire door sourcing, installation and certification

Denton Hope offers fire door installation services on a supply and fit or fit only basis. When you choose our BM Trada Q Mark fire door installation services you’ll not only be compliant, but you will also be in a better position to control future costs. Proper installation is the first step in maintaining fire doors as required by the manufacturer warranty. If you don’t comply it can mean you need to replace the fire doors much sooner than expected.

We make sure your Responsible Person duties are fulfilled with professional fire door installation. Whether we are working together on a supply and fit or a fit only basis, our skilled BM Trada trained personnel will help out at every stage in your project, from sourcing and buying suitable compliant fire doors to expert installation and full certification.

Our installation Approach

1. Client Consultation prior to installation
2. Door inspections
3. Door measurement surveys
4. Plan of works and RAMs
5. Removal and disposal of existing door set
6. Installation of new door sets
7. Q Mark competent person sign off
8. Q Mark certification and photographs uploaded to your client portal
Fire Door Fitting

Fire Door Fitting

Fire doors, also called fire doorsets, are essential for two reasons. One, they help people escape when there’s a fire. Two, they form a barrier that stops fire from spreading to other areas of a building and potentially engulfing it. It’s a vital job that takes a lot of expertise, and it’s important to get it right first time. That’s why we provide a popular fire door sourcing service to establish the ideal solution for the building in question, as well as fire door fitting and installation. You can trust us to deliver essential fire door fitting expertise every time.
Residential Fire Door Installation

Residential Fire Door Installation

Once the correct fire doors have been sourced and delivered, it’s a matter of professional residential fire door installation. Our experts know everything there is to know about the residential fire door installation process, important when you have to get it right first time for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, and the future of the business as a whole. The fire doors we recommend are the best, completely fit for purpose. The people we send your way are the most experienced. And the results will be matchless.
Certified Fire Door Installer

Certified Fire Door Installer

The correct fitting of an internal fire door is critical to its performance. Do you use an ordinary door installer? As experts we highly recommend you find a proper certified fire door installer, someone with the right expertise to understand exactly how these doors work, and exactly how to fit them perfectly. All the doors fitted by our certified fire door installer team are tested carefully, meet the fire rating regulations, and are fitted as they should be. The result is a safe building whose fire doors, ironmongery and seals will properly protect people and reduce the potential for fire damage.

All Denton Hope staff are trained to the highest standard

All Denton Hope fire door installation services are certified under the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme, thus ensuring the safety of your stakeholders and business by demonstrating all products and materials are compliant and properly installed to resist the passage and spread of fire. The BM Trada Q Mark scheme delivers a compliant certification process of 10 identifiable points and full test and data sheets for all materials used during installation. We also provide an operations and maintenance manual which ensures full adherence to Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations of England and Wales.
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