Certified fire door maintenance and inspections

Exceptional fire door maintenance services

All Denton Hope fire door maintenance activities are certified under the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme. This means your appointed on-site Responsible Person is carrying out all the preventive and protective measures needed to achieve their duty of care under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order or RRFSO.
With the assistance of your Responsible Person we survey, inspect and maintain every type of fire door. We will also help your Responsible Person keep their records up to date with a programme that pins down how often the fire doors need checking. Some fire doors require more frequent checks simply because they are used more often, for example in high traffic areas. Taking all the relevant factors into consideration, we will create the ideal maintenance strategy for your building.

Our maintenance Approach

1. Consultation with Responsible Person to identify the doors that they need maintained (with help of a Fire Risk Assessment)
2. Responsible person will then complete our survey scheme acceptance form and at this time will also agree to sample number of architrave surveys
3. Carry out the inspections/surveys of the doors
4. Meeting with the responsible person to agree the approved repair techniques which we intend to use to make the doors compliant which the responsible person would have to agree to.
5. Once all agreed we will then maintain the doors using the approved repair techniques agreed by the responsible person
6. Q Mark competent person sign off
7. Q Mark certification and photographs uploaded to your client portal
Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Door Maintenance

Regular fire door maintenance inspections make all the difference between a fire prevention and control system that works, and one that could let you down at the worst possible time. Fire doors, like all doors, can become ill-fitting over time, with use. You can understand why when you imagine hundreds of people pushing the doors open countless times a day. Our fire door maintenance services and packages are a popular way for business owners to ensure their fire prevention responsibilities are being properly taken care of, by experts in the field.
Fire Door Servicing

Fire Door Servicing

As a business you need to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which means you must set up regular fire door servicing. A key requirement for every business and establishment where the regulations apply, fire doors should be well maintained and fully operational at all times. Only then will they do the job they are designed for: prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and give the building’s occupants time to escape to safety. Our skilled fire door servicing team is ready and waiting, with all the experience and expertise needed to keep your fire doors in top working condition.
Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections

Our respected fire door inspectors will check every component of your fire doors is in perfect working condition. Our fire door inspections include examining the overhead closers as well as the latches and locks. They will also take a good look at the seals and hinges. The result will be fire resisting doors and escape doors that are not just correctly installed, they are also maintained as 'fit for purpose’. We recommend fire door inspections and checks every six months, more frequently for newly-occupied premises and for fire doors that are in particularly frequent use.

All Denton Hope staff are trained to the highest standard

All Denton Hope fire door installation services are certified under the BM Trada Q Mark Scheme, thus ensuring the safety of your stakeholders and business by demonstrating all products and materials are compliant and properly installed to resist the passage and spread of fire. The BM Trada Q Mark scheme delivers a compliant certification process of 10 identifiable points and full test and data sheets for all materials used during installation. We also provide an operations and maintenance manual which ensures full adherence to Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations of England and Wales.
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